Resonance Trinidad Limited was established in 2005 and has successfully implemented a number of transaction solutions both of a financial and non-financial nature. Some of the more notable operations include: 

  1. Bank acquiring for local banks
  2. E-commerce and Mobile payment service
  3. Top-Up solutions
  4. Bill payment solutions
  5. Loyalty programs
  6. National healthcare - CDAP (Chronic Disease Assistance Plan)
  7. Bespoke inventory management systems.

Resonance currently owns and operates several payment applications which are accessible via various channels including web, agent and mobile including USSD.  We have upgraded these systems into one Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant Core Payment Platform, a comprehensive, secure, easy to use payments platform and network that differentiates itself through the use of multiple channels, rich payment information, proactively driven customer payments, and fast-to-market business applications. 

As part of our strategy, we have leveraged our existing network of 1,200 Agents that span both Trinidad and Tobago. This existing network of Agents accelerates uptake by providing a familiar low-friction entry point into the digital payments world for customers at all levels of digital awareness. Our agent network is also an effective reseller channel for new and innovative digital products.

Non-cash transactions are settled through two mediums, a payment gateway and a local settling bank.  Our direct integration with the local settling bank allows Resonance the distinct advantage of cheaper debit card transaction fees by passing those transactions through the local Linx network.

We are also currently in the final phases of regulatory approval for the Payment Service Provider designation with the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago and are about to submit an application for E-Money Issuer designation.

Additionally, all of our payment solutions are built for multi-currency transactions, including in-network ForeEX transactions, and multiple geos, allowing for expansion regionally and extra regionally.

Our robust platform and multi-pronged approach to capturing all levels of customers and merchants is focused on driving growth by enhancing customer experience and loyalty and maximizing automation and efficiencies for merchants.

The Resonance platform will provides value-added services to merchants such as Loyalty, discount card solutions and sector specific vertical applications that include payment.

Board of Directors

  • Suzanne Lau (Chairman)
  • Terrence Farrell (Deputy Chairman)
  • Leslie Ayoung
  • Cindy Lau
  • Frances Correia (CEO)
  • Jamie McLachlan (Corporate Secretary)

Senior Management

  • Frances Correia (CEO)
  • Renee Bruce (Finance Manager)
  • Christine Mayers (Business Development Manager)
  • Raphael Villafana (Sales Manager)
  • Harikrishnan Sreekumar (Technical Manager)